Coronavirus and the Endtimes?

I typically don’t spend much time scanning YouTube videos for insight about end-times prophecy. There may be a few reasons for that. At any rate, the video you see below came to me and I was asked to watch it and evaluate it. I did, and I think you should watch it.

It doesn’t make a prediction per se, although the particular speaker has specific and urgent pre-trib views. But his research is good and he describes the scenario we are in accurately using valid references to current events.

You will notice below the video that I have included links that verify his claims so that you don’t dismiss them or have to find them yourself.

What do I believe? First, I don’t believe in a pre-trib rapture, so, if this is a turning point in end-time events, I believe it will be the Church’s entry into Daniel’s 70th Week. If it is not a significant turning point then it most certainly is an important dress rehearsal for what will surely come one day.

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  1. Pastor Scott,

    Interesting video. i have some comments.

    First off, I agree with you that this seems more like a dress rehearsal than an imminent end of days collapse. I think about what Jesus said in Matthew 24 about events occurring as “birth pains”. I believe God with restore some normalcy to see how people respond to His invitation to salvation, after which the next event (or pandemic) would be much worse as the video compares to the plagues of Exodus. One of the reasons I think we will return to normalcy (whatever that looks like) is that God will want to see His people congregating again and He will want hear the sweet sounds of people worshiping in song. For the time being however, I think He is taking more pleasure in the crying out in prayer from people that don’t know Him and are meeting Him for the first time. When you get a chance listen to the song by Amy Grant “Better than a Hallelujah”.

    I agree with the video that a world collapse would be prime for a “savior” to enter the world and save the day. Is this the time? Who knows? But I go back to the “birth pains” and the increasing plagues of Exodus. Would God bring a sudden collapse and the rapture on the world without giving them the chance to repent and accept Jesus? My opinion is not yet. Maybe I’m biased a little because I have so many family members that are not saved and the idea of the rapture occurring at this point is terrifying knowing that family members would be lost.

    As far as a one world government and leader, it hard to imagine that the US would cede any power to a foreign entity, especially with Trump in power. The US doesn’t even give the UN power. As far as a one world religion, still hard to imagine with Christians still on this planet. I’m not sure how the muslims would react to a one world religion. Pope Francis has shown some underlying support for an interfaith type religion that could deceive both Christians and muslims, but is he the false prophet? I don’t know.

    As far as the vaccination tattoo, I think the RFID chip that is already available and implantable is a more useful tool for controlling peoples finances and whereabouts. Maybe they will try to use that on poorer, weaker countries but in the US? Read some of the comments in the articles. Most of the comments are “over my dead body” comments with regard to anything implantable (or tattoo). But, could the government mandate it and put people in the position of denying it at their financial peril? Sure. Our constitution says otherwise if properly interpreted by non-activist judges. I don’t know how this plays out. New York State has revoked all reasons for students not being vaccinated so there is some precedent at least for forcing people to be vaccinated.

    The locust thing is interesting. I have no comment. It’s certainly a plague of sorts, but the world has seen devastating famines before (not from locusts that I know of).

    As far as Putin remaining in power, he’s an evil man I don’t think he will have a problem remaining in power. However, would he use any excuse to attack Israel as mentioned in some prophecies?

    Lastly, not mentioned in the video, but I always think about what will happen to the Dome of the Rock sitting on temple ground. I believe it needs to be gone (earthquake?) for the Jewish Temple to be built. That would be a clear sign of the end of days being imminent.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. Feel free to dismantle my views piece-by-piece.

    I have to go now, my wife is bugging me, she wants to give me a haircut for the first time. God help me.

    Take care Pastor,



    • Your thoughts above are reasonable Glenn. The only issue is that often we try to “reason” how or why God would do something and we usually fail at that. There will always be sweet sounds of worship coming up before God from His people.

      Glenn, you have to remember that people have had ample time to repent and accept Jesus. There will never be a time when His coming will not leave people behind. I don’t believe in a “sudden” pre-trib rapture anyway. I am pre-wrath.

      I believe you are correct about a one world govt. not being people’s cup of tea, and in normal times the U.S. would never cooperate. I don’t know of any countries that would. But when the anti-christ steps out it will be because he solves a problem they can’t solve. My guess is that there will be the promise of shared power and great wealth. We don’t really have a prophecy that there will be an agreed upon world power, just a man of perdition who brings about a treaty and then declares himself to be God, and after that a forced worship if you will.

      Again, necessity and money will bring this about in my opinion. Banks are losing billions with fraud, hospitals would like untainted personal records, the third world wants valid individual digital IDs. So, it will seem like a no brainer for everyone but those who know Scripture. Good point about NY vaccinations! Another dress rehearsal on a smaller scale.

      The quantum dot tattoo can do everything the rfid chip does only it will be less visible and painful. Remember, Bill Clinton taught us that Americans will vote for almost anything if it means they get more money.

      It really won’t matter if it is Putin or someone else. When the time comes a bear is going to come down and attack. However, that is a battle for after the millennial reign.

      There are theories about that. Some say the temple can be built without it being removed. This would be a great treaty worked out by an antichrist would it not? To bring peace over the dome of the rock?


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