Rise of the Child-Carrying Super Coyote

So, I admit that when President Trump said that 500 children were carried across the border by coyotes I had not heard the term before in reference to smuggling illegal immigrants. I don’t fault people for not knowing the term used in that context.

BUT 🤣 somehow, thanks to my first grade teacher Mrs Harper and a whole host of others in the “village” who raised me and taught me how to take things in context, I was able to successfully decode the President’s highly technical language 🙄 and conclude that he did not mean that “actual” coyotes had carried these children across the border.

Perhaps it was Mrs Denyer, my second grade teacher who sent me to the office for sticking my tongue out at her (I received three “licks” from a paddle wielded by Mr Madden, the principle who had a very unfortunate toupee). Perhaps it was she who taught me how to wield, not a paddle, but enough intellect to successfully determine the likelihood of a coyote carrying a child any distance, much less a pack of coyotes (although I do not believe they run or work in packs—I promise to google it) carrying 500 likely-to-be uncooperative children to the border, depositing them, and returning to retrieve more.

P.S. I am making fun of people. Not those who didn’t know and were not able to wield for themselves, but those who jumped to assume our President is stupid.

P.S.S. While coyotes live in families, they tend to hunt solo or in pairs. (Urban Coyote Research Project)

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