The Bigger Picture

Here’s my take on things:

First of all, Christians must get hold of the idea that we are the Church whether America stands or falls.

—————This does not mean that Christians don’t care about America, but that we are privy to a bigger picture.

Second, corruption that runs deep enough into the populace to falsify and disrupt at this level—if that is indeed what is happening—has also reached the justice system. Why do we imagine that the courts will be a safe place where truth still wins the day?

—————Of course there are still decent judges and a chance at finding justice, but America is corrupt now and corruption has been spreading like a disease while we looked the other way and assumed the best about people. The same leaders who looked the other way while their own cities were being burned would have no qualms with falsifying election results.

Third, Christians have foolishly assumed that God always promotes to leadership the “godly” leader or the leader chosen by the righteous. Read Habakkuk.

—————Sometimes God does not give the righteous what they want so that they can begin to see what He wants.

It is time for the Church to read the Bible again and be reminded of the the bigger picture. You can pray and positive-think all you want, but don’t forget to see the bigger picture and adjust to the will of God. God has heard our prayers. He is not deaf.

If this election does not finally go our way, we must not see it as God failing to answer our prayers or think that Christians didn’t pray enough or think positively enough. It’s time to mature beyond the kind of spirituality that thinks only good things happen to believers. Believers have always been found in places where the worst has happened.

If this election does turn our way, and the President gets re-elected, we still have to wonder: What kind of an America do we have?

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  1. This article is spot on. Gods ways are not our ways. I look at what The Apostles and the early church endured. Things just weren’t too good for them. God has a plan and his plan always comes to fruition because he’s God! It’s tough but I’ve seen more and more clearly the phrase Jesus used in his prayer, “thy will
    Be done”!! Those are scary words, but it should be comforting to know his eternal plan is right on track.

    I love the words you so often use in your prayers, “cause us….” So true, we need to have our eyes and hearts opened to him, and he is the one who will do it

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