Why I Am Done With FOX News

In our house we have switched to Newsmax.

It’s not what you think, if you think that it’s just Trump election loss syndrome. It’s not because FOX called Arizona early.

The reason is that the network gave up too soon in its reporting of the legal challenges pursued by President Trump. It simply joined the other networks in concluding that Biden and Harris had won.

FOX has been the headquarters for conservatives for a long, long time. But something happened on September 15 this year on the noon talk show Outnumbered. You can watch the video documentation of the event here, but in short, Newt Gingrich was shutdown when he called out George Soros. Co-host Melissa Francis rebuked Gingrich and liberal guest host Marie Harf slammed the door on him. Then, in an amazing moment, Harris Faulkner who is the host and in charge, paused, evidently hearing a voice in her earphone, and she moved on from it and allowed the censorship to stand.

Now, we hear that they cancelled Justice With Judge Jeanine because she “made a very staunch defense of President Trump and wanted to expose the vote fraud that took place in the election, Fox News decided not to air her show.” It had extended coverage of Democrat Joe Biden’s acceptance speech of a contested election.

Something is wrong at FOX.

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  1. Agreed I noticed that too. I stopped watching.


  2. Ever since Roger Ailes was forced out, FOX has slowly drifted to the typical US media /propaganda narrative… Newsmax is good, One America News Network is really good as well… I believe the TRUMP Family will start a US born factual based news network to take all important advertisement and what is left of the viewership from FOX…

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    • That would be amazing if the Trumps would do that! I notice about Newsmax that it is too much filler, repeats, and “disc jockey” type stuff. OAN feels like local news but it is more up to the moment news reporting


  3. I’ve been watching Newsmax also. Would love to see Trump News too. I do still watch Tucker bc he gives facts.

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  4. Go back further than that, when they hired Donna Brasille.

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  5. you and cnn are the same Iam all done with YOU

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  6. Check out NTD news , very good

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