How Far Will We Have To Go To Preserve Freedom?

It is simply preposterous that Facebook, Twitter, and the news media—even Neil Cavuto at Fox—have taken on themselves the mantle of responsibility not to tell us the truth but rather to keep us from hearing about things that they say is false! There is a major difference!

Like little children, we are being shielded from knowing or hearing about things that could influence us in the wrong way!

A friend—a genuine, living, breathing, local friend—has informed me that due to a semi-mass text message sent out calling for prayer for our President during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, he was targeted for monitoring by the FCC and his service provider. The FCC directed a service provider to monitor and limit the communication my friend was allowed to send out in favor of the President

I don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes but it is far deeper than any of us knows. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIMIT FREE SPEECH BETWEEN CONSENTING AMERICAN CITIZENS!

The question is: What lengths will we be forced to go in order to preserve American freedom?

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  1. So sadly true!!!

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